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The activities of our Social Action Committee express our community’s deep commitment to tikkun olam, healing our broken world.  The committee has expanded its mission to increase our participation/partnership in projects impacting the New York metropolitan area Jewish community and the NYC Metropolitan community as a whole.  The Social Action Committee engages our members in environmental projects and alerts them to topical social justice causes. WES members respond generously to our various food drives and collections which are thematically related to the holidays.  The Social Action Committee is instrumental in WES's annual Hunger Shabbat and Human Rights Shabbat programs.

CoChairs: Barbara Gish-Scult and Cynthea Kimmelman-DeVries

Annual/Ongoing Events/Activities



West End Synagogue will once again be participating in the Thanksgiving Day 1000 Turkey Challenge in cooperation with other faith based institutions.  Your donation will enable needy families to receive holiday provisions so that they don't go hungry and might enjoy a Thanksgiving Day meal.  Checks should be made payable to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) and mailed to WSCAH, 263 West 86 Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10024-3103.  No amount it too small.  Please indicate 1000 Turkey Challenge in the memorandum section of your check as well as that you are a West End Synagogue congregant.  If you prefer to donate online, simply go to 

and click on the donation site.  You can then make your contribution but be sure to earmark your donation as a 1000 Turkey Challenge one as well as the fact that you are doing so through West End Synagogue. For more information, click here

As we read in Ethics of the Fathers "One who has saved one life is as though one has saved the world."


Vegetarian Dinners

The SAC continues to plan vegetarian dinners in members' homes to enhance awareness of a planet-friendly diet.

Please consider hosting one of these dinners - Esther Raphel, SAC nutrition consultant and other SAC members will help in all aspects  of planning.  Please contact Shirley Samuels for more information.



WES runs an annual Blood Drive, usually in the month of March.  Check with the synagogue office for details.


PROJECT EZRA - Pesach Food Drive for the Elderly

"Let all who are hungry come and eat," the Haggadah reminds us. 

The WES Social Action Committee collects money for Passover food packages for the elderly Jewish poor on the Lower East Side.  The boxes are packed by West End volunteers for pickup and distribution by the Project Ezra staff.  PROJECT EZRA is an independent organization that for more than twenty-five years has provided vital services for the frail elderly Jews living on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  PROJECT EZRA is not-for-profit and is not a member of any Federation or umbrella organization. It depends on the generosity and support of individuals and congregations like ours. This is most critical before Pesach when PROJECT EZRA distributes packages of traditional kosher foods to those it serves.  We ask our synagogue community to reach out and help make this possible.  The cost of each box is determined in the Spring.  For a complete description of Project Ezra, including what is in each package, click  Project Ezra

Some Projects This Past Year

School supplies collected for children in need  
Jul 2-15, 2016 -  Container in WES lobby!

Items needed: Jeans (for kids in K to 5th grade); Composition notebooks (classic black and white); #2 pencils; 12 inch rulers

Sponsored by the National Council for Jewish Women

West End Synagogue Textiles and Clothing Drive
Saturday June 13, 2016 - Saturday June 20, 2016

Thank you for your donations of clothing, shoes, linens, handbags and other reusable textiles!  Your donations are being reused, redistributed or recycled through

Earth Day Speaker, April 11, 2016
Ermin Siljkovic of GrowNYC

11:30am Saturday, April 11 (Shabbat guest speaker on Earth Day)

Sponsored by Social Action Committee


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