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Shabbat candles, wine, and challah

In January and February we are experimenting with different formats for our Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat services as follows:

Friday Evening Kabbalat Shabbat Services

Join us for Shabbat evening services, held every Friday evening at 6:30pm. Our Friday evening services may be in person and either Zoom or Livestreamed, or on Zoom only.  Please admin [at] (subject: Interest%20in%20WES) (contact us) for access to the Zoom link (as needed) for Friday services. If you plan to attend in person, please wear a mask and be prepared to show proof of vaccination.

First Friday Intergenerational Shabbat - First Friday of the Month (January 6, February 3)
In-person 5:30PM Tot Shabbat
In-person and Zoom- 6:30PM Intergenerational Service, 7:30PM Potluck

Song-filled, joyful service open to all, featuring our in-house band, and particularly welcoming to children and their families (who help with leadership!). A potluck dinner follows.

Second Friday Song Share - Second Friday of the Month (January 13, February 10)
In-person and Zoom- 6PM Song Share, 6:30PM-7:30PM Service

Song share with Cantor Melissa to learn tunes used at WES (and bring your own!), followed by musical Kabbalat Shabbat in the round. In January this will also be a Learners’ Minyan*

Third Friday Kafe Kadosh - Third Friday of the Month (January 20, February 17)
In-Person and Livestream*- 5:30PM Kafe Kadosh, 6:30PM-7:30PM Service

Pre-service nosh and schmooze, followed by a warm, musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service.

Fourth Friday “Zoom In Minyan” - Fourth Friday of the Month (January 27, February 24)
Zoom Only- 6:30PM-7:30PM Service

A warm, musical service offering everyone the chance to stay comfy at home while connecting for Shabbat.

Fifth Friday HaMinyan - Fifth Friday of the Month (when this occurs)
Varies- 6:30PM-varies

Lay-led Shabbat conducted by a variety of leaders within the WES community, whenever there is a fifth Friday in the month. Each HaMinyan service has its own theme. These services might be Zoom, Livestream or Hybrid depending upon leader preference. (If in person in our synagogue, HaMinyan services are preceded at 6:00pm by HaNosh, with light snacks and beverages for all to enjoy.)

Saturday Morning Shabbat Services

Saturday morning services are in person and either Zoom or Livestreamed. Please admin [at] (Interest%20in%20WES) (contact us) for access to the Zoom link (as needed) for Saturday services. Services start at 10:00am.  If you plan to attend in person, please wear a mask and be prepared to show proof of vaccination.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study
From 9:00 to 10:00am, our Rabbi or a lay leader leads a group exploration of the weekly Torah portion. We seek to discover points of resonance between our lives and the Torah narrative, and lessons that might guide us in our daily lives and inform our efforts to repair the world. All are welcome, and no prior knowledge is required. Torah study is always both in-person and on Zoom.

Shabbat Morning Services
Led by Rabbi Emily and Cantor Melissa, Saturday morning services offer a grounding, uplifting, and prayerful way to celebrate Shabbat. Our services always invite active participation from our congregation, and include both traditional as well as “reconstructed” interpretations of prayer, song, and Torah. (When in person, services are followed by communal after-service refreshments.)

First Saturday Traditional Shabbat - First Saturday of the Month (January 7, February 4)
In-person and Livestream- 10AM-12:45PM Service

Shabbat morning service with extended psukei dezimra, 7 aliyot, full haftarah reading, Torah discussion, sermon and more!

Second Saturday Hybrid Shabbat - Second Saturday of the Month (January 14, February 11)
In-person and Zoom- 10AM-12PM Service

Saturday morning service with Torah service, d’var Torah or Torah discussion, and a mixture of contemporary and traditional prayer. In February this will also be a Learners’ Minyan*

Third Saturday Intergenerational Shabbat - Third Saturday of the Month (January 21, February 18)
In-person and Zoom- 10AM-12PM Service,
12:30PM Tot Shabbat/Kef Kids (in-person)

Saturday morning Shabbat with Torah service, d’var Torah or Torah discussion, and special invitations for participation from our JFLL students and their families.

Fourth Saturday Alternative Shabbat - Fourth Saturday of the Month (January 28, February 25)
In-person and Livestream- 10AM-12PM Service

Shabbat service incorporating both traditional prayer and alternative modalities such as chant, meditation, movement-based liturgy, Storahtelling and more.

Fifth Saturday “Dealer’s Choice” Shabbat - Fifth Saturday of the Month (when this occurs)
Varies- 10AM-12PM Service

Clergy or lay-led service offering a blank slate and opportunity for exploration of traditional and/or alternative prayer structures.

*Learners’ Minyan services will occur on Second Fridays during odd months and on Second Saturdays during even months. These services will include traditional liturgy alongside explanation of and in some cases discussion about prayers and the structure of the service.

Our services for Shabbat often feature original liturgical and exegetical compositions by WES members.   Please take a look at our Interpretive Liturgy for Shabbat.

In Person - Please note that currently all in-person guests must be masked and provide proof of full COVID vaccination, including a booster. (Our new elevator is expected to be operational soon, following a final inspection; until then stairs are required.)

Zoom/Livestream - If you are attending services via Zoom (including Livestream) advance registration is required in order to obtain a link, if you are not currently a member. admin [at] (Interest%20in%20WES) (Please contact us) for instructions on how to access our services on Zoom.