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Jewish Family Life & Learning (JFLL) blends individual choice with experiential and whole-family learning. Our innovative approach to Jewish education is a major departure from your parents’ Hebrew school and is making a big impression on kids and parents alike.

Our progressive educational approach encourages learners of all ages to make personal meaning from all our activities and seeks to partner classroom learning with vibrant Jewish family life. We believe that children's time in our classes and programs must be just as enjoyable as their best experiences in secular school and in their favorite extracurricular activities.

Check out our full 2023-2024 JFLL calendar here!

Check out our full 2023-2024 JFLL calendar here!

We're excited to speak with our current and prospective JFLL families and WES members at large. Contact us with questions about our unique brand of Jewish education at school [at]

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