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photo of synagogue at night, congregants playing music during services, havdala in Central Park

West End Synagogue seeks to develop, nurture, and transmit a Reconstructionist approach to Judaism by building an intellectually challenging, spiritually vibrant, and mutually supportive community.

Grounded in the principles of Reconstructionist Judaism, we celebrate the richness and diversity of Jewish tradition through study, prayer, meditation, music, and tikkun olam, or acts of repairing the world.

Our home, a former public library in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side, provides a light-filled, intimate space for prayer, reflection, and learning. Our approach is informal and supportive of a wide range of religious backgrounds, practices, and beliefs. Under the leadership of Rabbi Emily Cohen and Cantor Melissa Berman, West End Synagogue continues to grow while maintaining its hallmark warmth and intimacy.

We formed in 1985, and celebrate our 36th year in 2021-22. Our doors (physical and virtual) are open to all – we hope you will join us for a service or program!