The Better Angels of our Nature: A Practical Approach to Middot with Rabbi Marc Margolius

November 10, 2016 - 6:00pm

This year Rabbi Margolius will lead a monthly one-hour text-based shi'ur (study session) on our middah (spiritual/ethical quality) of the month.  Participation may be on a drop-in basis.  The class will meet at WES on the following evenings: THURSDAY Nov. 10 (anavah/humility) (note change in date from Wed. 11/16), and Wednesday evebings Dec 21 (chesed/compassion), Jan 25 (savlanut/forbearance), Feb 22 (kavod/honor), Mar 15 (sh'tikah-sh'mirat halashon/mindful speech), Apr 19 (bitachon/trust), May 17 (emunah/trustworthiness) and Thursday evening: June 22 (seder/order).


Let's "Sing into Shabbat:" Shirat HaLev service this Friday

November 18, 2016 - 6:30pm

ShirShirat haLev ("Song of the Heart") Click this image to listen to "L'cha dodi"at HaLev (“Song of the Heart”)
Third Friday of each month

We gather for a special contemplative, musical celebration of Shabbat on the third Friday of each month, featuring seating in the round, percussion accompaniment, and very spirited communal singing of the Shabbat prayers and blessings. Shirat HaLev is a wonderful way to release the stresses of another New York City week, and connect with one’s self and the West End Synagogue community.  (click image to listen to L'cha dodi)

Reflections on Kohelet/Ecclesiastes with Mel Scult

Dr. Mel Scult will explore with the congregation reflections on the Book of Kohelet/Ecclesiastes, traditionally read on the Shabbat of Chol Hamoed Sukkot.

JFLL: Our Cutting-Edge Approach to Jewish Learning for Families

Jewish Family Life and LearningJFLL blends individual choice with experiential and whole family learning.  

Click here for quick links to request info or registration forms for 2016-2017.

Rabbi Nadia Gold, our Director of Family Engagement, is always eager to speak with our current and prospective JFLL families and WES members at large. Make an appointment with ngold [at] westendsynagogue [dot] org (Nadia) to learn more about our unique brand of Jewish education.

Kef Kids: Jewish Fun for Pre K-2d Graders!

A Creative New Approach to Jewish Learning!  Kef Kids is a bi-monthly program on Saturday afternoons offering pre-K through second graders a fun, hands-on Jewish experience. 

Reconstructionist Judaism on One Foot (Video)

Enjoy this brief, entertaining video introducing the Reconstructionist approach to Judaism.  For more information, click here.

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