Kef Kids: Jewish Fun for Pre K-1st Graders!



Kef Kids meets two Saturdays a month, from 2:00-3:30. The program focuses on Jewish identity, and aims to familiarize students with and foster enthusiasm for Jewish values and traditions through an arts-based curriculum. Kef Kids also offers an introduction to Hebrew through a program called Hebrew Through Movement, and by familiarizing the students with the Hebrew alphabet.







In Kef Kids, students engage in interactive, fun experiences that truly resonate with them:

My kids say to me, ‘Mama, can we go to synagogue today? Do we have Kef Kids?' How great is that? I can't remember asking that of my parents when I was a kid!

-Sharon Cinnamon, parent of Kef Kids participants



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                          Members: $818/year per student

                          Non-Members: $918/year per student


Questions? Email Rachel Oshrin at roshrin [at]



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Affiliated with the Jewish Reconstructionist movement, Reconstructing Judaism

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