Sukkot Social Action: Shelter after Harvey, Irma, Maria (Sat. Oct. 7)

What Can We Do?
Learn, Advocate, Donate

Share your bread with the hungry, and take the wretched poor into your home. When you see
the naked, clothe him, and do not ignore your own kin. Isaiah 58:7

Learn about the connection between inadequate city and regional planning and hurricane destruction. Can our cities better prepare?

What is the connection between the hurricanes and climate change? What do the climate scientists say?

National Flood Insurance Program is bankrupt and about to expire: How to advocate for better protection

How to help…

…Jewish communities in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico rebuild synagogues that have suffered serious damage
… poor and disadvantaged communities rebuild where resources are few
…organizations that care for and find homes for rescued animals.

Members of the WES Social Action Committee will be providing information through photos, handouts, and conversation at 3 tables in the Kiddush Room
following services Friday evening, October 6, and Saturday morning, October 7.


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