Samuel Norich "The Jewish Press, A Century Ago Today"

Sam Norich, President of the Forward for nineteen years, contends that even as the
lives of American Jews have been transformed in the last hundred years, the Jewish
press continues as a key instrument of community. But the American Jewish press has
largely failed to adapt to the digital revolution and now faces fiscal and generational
challenges. What can be done to save it, and what is the role of journalism that other
institutions are incapable of playing?

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Samuel Norich serves on the board as the president of the Forward and has served as executive director of the Forward Association since 2000. He was the publisher of the English and Yiddish Forward for 19 years until 2016.  He was born in Germany in 1947 and immigrated to the United States in 1957. After a primary- and secondary-school education in the public schools, he attended Columbia University as an undergraduate, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a graduate student.  He served as executive director of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research from 1980-1992, and as vice president of the World Jewish Congress from 1975 to 1981. Norich is the author of “What Will Bind Us Now?: A Report on the Institutional Ties Between Israel and American Jewry” (1994).


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