One Shul, One Book: Orwell's "1984" at WES Thurs. April 20, 7 pm

In this challenging times, all members of West End Synagogue are invited to read and discuss a classic work on the dangers of incipient fascism:  George Orwell's "1984."  

In her recent article in the New York Times article on the surge in sales for Orwell's classic, Michiko Kakuktani observes:  "Not surprisingly, “1984” has found a nervous readership in today’s “post-truth” era. It’s an era in which misinformation and fake news have proliferated on the web; Russia is flooding the West with propaganda to affect elections and sow doubts about the democratic process; poisonous tensions among ethnic and religious groups are fanned by right-wing demagogues; and reporters scramble to sort out a cascade of lies and falsehoods told by President Trump and his aides."

We will meet for a communal convcersation about the book on Thursday, April 20, at 7 pm at WES.  Rabbi Margolius will facilitate small and whole group discussion.  Click here to order the book on Amazon, or pick it up at a local bookstore.


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