Hadassah Shabbat

Please join us as we celebrate the Hadassah organization and its many volunteers.

Hadassah Shabbat

10 AM, March 11, 2017

On Purim, we read Megillat Esther, the story of a heroic Jewish woman who risked her own life by going without permission to the King to save her people from extinction. Esther’s story demonstrates the important role of women in our communities, and encourages them to act even in the face of danger.

Like the story of Esther, the story of Hadassah also began with one woman – Henrietta Szold -- and her visit to Palestine more than a century ago.  She was moved by the beauty of the land but also saddened by the suffering of its inhabitants due to unsanitary conditions and widespread disease.

When Henrietta returned to America, she inspired her small study group of Jewish women to take on the task of repairing a small corner of the world.  Since they first met on Purim in the year 1912, they took the name of Hadassah, the Hebrew name for Esther, and continued that heroine’s legacy of bravery and action.

Since then, Hadassah has become a world-class medical and research center that brings advanced medical care to all, regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality. 

Heart health, melanoma and breast cancer are top priorities of the Hadassah Medical Organization.  Also, in just the last year Hadassah research has reported success with stem cells in treating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and ALS, and  made advances in treating macular degeneration.  Hadassah domestic policies address women’s health, patients’ rights, elder health and access to affordable, quality care.

For more than a century Hadassah has been an organization of action as well as compassion, and with its more than 300,000 members and associate members has kept the eternal light of one woman’s vision burning brightly.



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