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As you may know, the nation’s official Covid-19 public health emergency ended in May of 2023. While Covid is not gone, we clearly are entering a new phase of the epidemic. Current public health recommendations are that Covid be treated like any other transmissible disease (flu, RSV, etc.). We are reassured by recent data that indicate that both Covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations are greatly reduced, particularly in our NYC neighborhoods.

The Task Force members recommend, based on the data, that WES no longer require proof of vaccination for members or for guests joining us in person. Keep in mind that most, if not all, congregants at any one service will likely be fully vaccinated, but we will no longer be keeping vaccination cards on record and screening at the door. This policy is consistent with the requirements of other public spaces including houses of worship in our area.

While we will continue having a “masked only” section in our sanctuary, masked congregants and guests are welcome to sit anywhere in the sanctuary that they wish.

Vaccination Policy:  Please note that we recommend you keep your vaccine status up to date with updated COVID-19 bivalent boosters as recommended for your risk group and age. (See for details).

Mask Use:  Mask use is optional in the middle- and far- right sections of the sanctuary (facing the bima) and in the Kiddush Room (lower level).  The far-left section of the sanctuary will be reserved for those who prefer to sit exclusively with fully masked congregants. In addition, we recommend optional mask use on the bima. 

Symptoms/Contact:  As a final reminder, we ask that you do not attend in-person events if you have any respiratory symptoms or have recently been exposed to a person with Covid-19.

We look forward to good health and sharing the blessings of community in the year ahead.  

Kol tov,

The WES Covid-19 Task Force

Updated as of August 18, 2023.