Amazon Smile

Are you an Amazon shopper?

The next time you shop using Amazon, click on Amazon Smile first,
and select West End Synagogue (NYC) as your charity!

It costs you nothing - and a 0.5% donation is made to West End Synagogue
based on your purchases at AmazonSmile.

  • Note:  Make sure to select NYC, not the other West End Synagogue in Nashville!

Once registered, to shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device.  It's just like shopping at Amazon--you can even use the same Amazon account you may already have--but make sure to start your shopping at the AmazonSmile landing page rather than just plain

To ensure your purchases are counting towards a donation, make sure you see "Supporting: West End Synagogue" and the AmazonSmile logo at the top of your browser page when shopping. (Questions?  See Q&As below.)




Q:     Do I have use the link from the WES website to register at AmazonSmile?

A:     The registration (and selection of West End Synagogue as the recipient) takes place at   To facilitate your registration, we provide the link to it directly from our site, but you can also type in "" in your browser.  Once at, you need to select West End Synagogue (NYC).

Q:      Must I start via this link at WES every time I want my purchases counted towards a donation?

A:      You can, if it's convenient -- but it's not necessary.  It's just one way to reach the site.  But you can also reach it by typing "" into your browser address bar, and you can set it as a bookmark or favorite for future use. Once you have registered your choice of charity, that should "stick."

Q:      I don't see "Supporting: West End Synagogue" at the top of the page.

If you don't see "Supporting: West End Synagogue", then your purchases will not
be counted towards the AmazonSmile contribution. 
    (1) Make sure you are at, and
    (2) you have selected West End Synagogue (NYC).  

Q:      Oops, I think I registered for the wrong charity, what can I do?

If you see anything other than "Supporting: West End Synagogue" at the top of the page, you can correct this by going to the dropdown under "My Account," clicking on
"Change My Charity" and then searching for West End Synagogue (NYC). 


More questions?  See for more answers.

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