WES Interpretive Liturgy for Shabbat

The prayers, poems, meditations and commentary in this collection were composed
by members of West End Synagogue, for use in synagogue services.

Originally compiled November 2006
Last Revised August 1, 2012
Compiled by Andrea Bardfeld
Sponsored by the Ritual Committee of West End Synagogue

The pieces may be used during religious services by other congregations, provided that West End Synagogue and the individual authors, who own the copyright to their work, are cited.  Any other usage requires permission from the individual authors, who can be contacted through West End Synagogue using the email address: liturgy [at] westendsynagogue [dot] org.

Click here for Interpretive Liturgy for Shabbat pdf (1.3MB)

Note that the numbers in the top right hand corner of some pages in this document reference the Kol HaNeshamah Shabbat prayer book (The Reconstructionist Press). The original of each reconstructed prayer can be found on the indicated page. 

This is not a static document. As new prayers, poems and commentaries are created by WES members, they will be added to it.

Comments, questions or other inquiries about the WES Innovative Liturgy Project should be sent to liturgy [at] westendsynagogue [dot] org and, will be appropriately forwarded.

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