Welcome from Rabbi Marc Margolius

West End Synagogue is a wonderful community in which to develop your connection with or to reconnect with Judaism. Our approach blends Jewish tradition and innovation, and speaks to both the head and the heart.  We are accepting and open, yet engaging and challenging.

We encourage each other to find his/her place on the spectrum of Jewish civilization, whether it be the religious, literary, artistic, or other aspect of Jewish living.   Each of us develops our own relationship to Jewish practice, always seeking spiritual and emotional depth while maintaining critical thinking.

We welcome everyone:  those who possess an extensive Jewish background, and those with little or no Jewish education; those who eagerly embrace Jewish tradition, and those who bring strong reservations and concerns.

Please visit any of our services and programs for as long as you'd like, with no obligation. Bring your questions, your concerns, and your energy. We believe that once you've experienced our unique blend of tradition and innovation, you'll be eager to join our vibrant, creative Jewish religious community.

I look forward to welcoming you in person to WES!

L'shalom,  Rabbi Marc Margolius