Adult Ed Panel: Lawyers of WES on Jews and Justice

"Lawyers of WES on Jews and Justice" 

Sunday morning, March 26, 11 am (bagels at 10:30) 

A panel of WES attorney/members will share reflections on the connection between Judaism and justice on Sunday, March 26, at 11 am (with coffee and bagels at 10:30 am). Ed Baum, Irwin Berg, Fran Hoffinger, Rob Teicher, and Mordecai Rosenfeld, a lawyer-guest from outside the congregation.  Here are their topics:

Rob Teicher: "What Does it Mean to be a Jewish Lawyer?"
Ed Baum: "Was the Fifth Amendment or Genesis the genesis of Due Process?"
Irwin Berg: "Jewish Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment"                                                                                                     Fran Hoffinger: "Justice as a Jewish Concept: the Bill of Rights and the Torah"                                                                         Mordecai Rosenfeld, "Outside the Legal Establishment: Jewish Lawyers as a Force for Justice"

Panel discussion sponsored by the Adult Education Committee.

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